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Workshop Overview:

Every person on this planet is molded by his/her thoughts. Mind is the source of thoughts that shape our life. If we can understand how the Mind works, we can use it to achieve all that we want in life!

This is a session to understand the mind and its working, particularly the working of the lesser known, but the all-powerful Subconscious Mind (responsible for Creating Your Reality !)

The session provides answers to some of these questions:

  • Why some people always succeed in life while many others fail?
  • How is that the rich people are always able to make more money?
  • How do we respond to our emotions? Why do we get trapped by them?
  • What are our beliefs systems and how we are limited by them?
  • What is Ego and its role in our life?


  • Empowers the participant to believe in himself /herself.
  • Motivates the participant to look at the big picture and align Personal Goals to Organizational Goals- Emphasis on Self-Motivation
  • The participant would be in a better position to understand his limiting belief systems that prevent his/her peak performance at work and in personal life
  • Ego is better understood and hence its play in interpersonal relationships could get minimized in office resulting in better productivity. Conflict resolution is an obvious outcome. 
  •  Improves overall character building of the participant by encouraging Positive thinking and positive action.
  • The session would be highly interactive, laced with activities for the participants to experience the change that    happens to them during the course of the session. 

Session Plan:

Section a:

  • Addresses the concept of Energy bodies of man and its role in influencing the Physical body
  • Addresses all that we know today and so as a part of cognition, understanding and reacting to the external world we live in and ourselves.
  • Understanding EGO & how it plays a role in our life.  

Section b:

  • Understanding the Subconscious mind, its nature and its capabilities
  • Power of thought and how it influences our character & Future

 Practical Steps to tap the power of subconscious mind to make our dreams come true

  Venue:    RJP INFOTEK PVT LTD, No:10,1ST, Main Road ,United India Colony, Kodambakkam Chennai-24

                                                   Workshop on: 7 - JAN, 2017 (Saturdays)

                                                             Timing  : 9.30 am  - 5.00 pm

                                                                   ( Inclusive of Lunch )


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